Wimbledon Open Tennis Facts – Wimbledon Open 2017 Live

By | July 4, 2017

Wimbledon Open Tennis Facts : The tournament of Wimbledon is going to be played at its permanent host All England tennis Club from 3rd July 2017. Wimbledon tennis tournament is well known for its traditions.

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Wimbledon Open Tennis Facts

Today, we are telling you some interesting facts about the popular Wimbledon tennis championship.

Wimbledon Open Tennis Facts

  • Wimbledon is the only tennis championship where strawberries and cream are served as tradition. During Wimbledon, approximately 28,000 kg of strawberries are consumed with 7000 liters of fresh cream.
  • The trophy awarded to the winner of men’s singles is a gold trophy with diameter of 7.5 inches and height 18.5 inches. There is a carving of pineapple at the top which represents British navy’s tradition.
  • The tournament of Wimbledon is the only Grand Slam played on grass court which is a long lasting court. A team of 45 people handles the maintenance of the grass court. An approximate one ton grass seed is consumed every year and 11,000 liters of water is used in the maintenance.
  • There was nothing available before 1975 for rest of the players. In 1975, chairs were given first time to players for rest.
  • The most sold out items at 2012 Wimbledon were little tennis ball key chains (15,000), towels (25,000), umbrellas (10,000) and wristbands (14,000).
  • The first player who played wearing shorts was Brame Hillyard who wore white shorts at 1930 Wimbledon tennis tournament.
  • The Wimbledon tournament has the largest catering in the whole Europe. 12,000 bananas and 1,42,000 parts of strawberries were sold in year 2012.
  • The first winner of Wimbledon men’s singles was 27 year old Spencer Gore was not so found of tennis. He expressed his feelings after the win and said that he would prefer cricket over lawn tennis.
  • In earlier years of the tournament, the previous champions of singles and doubles were allowed direct entry in the finals. This tradition was changed later.
  • During World War II, a German bomb hit a part of the All England club and destroyed the corners of the center court. The ground was repaired after year 1949.
  • Ernest and William Renshaw were two twins who dominated the early years of Wimbledon. William defeated his brother three times in different events. Also, in 1884, Maud Watson won ladies singles title over her sister.

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