Wimbledon Open 2017 Tennis Traditions – 5 Classic Wimbledon Traditions

By | July 4, 2017

Wimbledon Open 2017 Tennis Traditions : Wimbledon is the most distinguished tennis tournament played every year on last Monday of June. The tournament is just 19 days apart. Tennis fans are eagerly waiting for the third grand slam of the year.

Wimbledon Open 2017 Tennis Traditions

Today, we will tell you some interesting traditions followed every year since the existence of Wimbledon tournament. You can also find Wimbledon Open Tennis Winners of this year.

Wimbledon Open 2017 Tennis Traditions

Uniforms and Colors

The tradition colors of Wimbledon are purple and dark green. All the tennis participants have to wear white color clothing which is a tradition at Wimbledon. Players can also wear white with some other color but white is necessary.  The green color was recommended for umpire, ball boys and ball girls until year 2005. In year 2006, the uniform of ball boys and ball girls was in new navy blue and cream color. The uniforms were designed by Ralph Lauren (American designer).

Some Guidelines about White clothing rule:

  • There should be no dark or bold colors
  • There should be no fluorescent colors
  • Pastel colors are preferred over solid mass colors
  • Preference to total white skirts and shorts
  • All other cloths like socks, hats and shoe uppers should be in white

Ball boys and ball girls: The ball boys and ball girls are called BBGs in the championship. These BBGs play an important role in the smooth running of the championship. In 2005, the ball boys and ball girls work in team of six. Two were placed at the net and four at the corners. To be selected as ball boy and ball girls, the candidates must clear the written tests about the rules of tennis.

Reference to Players

There is a tradition of referring players. Instead of using Men’s and Women’s, the events are referred as “Gentlemen” and “Ladies” events in the tournament. The junior events are called “Boys” and “Girls” tournament.

Royal family gallery

The Royal gallery is a special gallery for the sitting of Royal family members in the Center Court. The players are required to bow the prince or the queen if they are present.


The French Open and Wimbledon are the only Grand Slams in which fans who are without tickets can still get seating place. The numbered queue cards are used for those without ticket. The queue cards are handed over to the fans. If someone wants to leave than he/she should agree their positions with nearest people in the queue.

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