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By | July 2, 2017

Wimbledon 2017 Tour Guide : After the announcement of year’s third grand slam, tennis lovers all over the world are seeking details about it. This includes schedule, teams, venue and selected players of the tournament. If you are not familiar to the location and surroundings of the tournament, you don’t need to worry. Today, we are going are going to provide you all the details about the schedule and location of Wimbledon 2017. We will provide you each and every details of tournament in this Wimbledon 2017 Tour Guide.


Wimbledon 2017 Dates

Schedule of 2017 Wimbledon

Here is overview of Wimbledon 2017 schedule. Dont forget to share it with your friends and family.

1. Day 1 July 03 Monday Mens and Womens First Round.
2. Day 2 July 04 Tuesday Mens and Womens First Round.
3. Day 3 July 05 Wednesday Mens and Womens Second Round.
4. Day 4 July 06 Thursday Mens and Womens Second Round.
5. Day 5 July 07 Friday Mens and Womens Third Round.
6. Day 6 July 08 Saturday Mens and Womens Third Round.
7. Day 7 July 09 Sunday No Play.
8. Day 8 July 10 Monday Mens and Womens Fourth Round.
9. Day 9 July 11 Tuesday Womens Singles Quarterfinals.
10. Day 10 July 12 Wednesday Mens Singles Quarterfinals.
11. DAY 11 July 13 Thursday Womens Singles Semifinals.
12. Day 12 July 14 Friday Mens Singles Semifinals.
13. Day 13 July 15 Saturday Womens Singles Finals, Mens and Womens Doubles Finals.
14. Day 14 July 16 Sunday Mens Singles Finals, Mixed Doubles Finals.

Best places to stay near tournament

There are some really good options to stay at for Wimbledon 2017. The city of London offers you a number of amazing hotels and guest houses. Many online travel agencies like trip adviser are offering deals within your budget.

Things that you can carry into Wimbledon

People often think about what should be carried before entering the stadium. There are a limited number of things you can carry according to your comfort. You can bring medium size carry bags, flags, banners etc. Large size bags and hard sided things are not allowed. You can also bring food and a limited amount of alcohol. Every tennis fan should witness the prestigious Wimbledon tournament. Don’t forget to book tickets.

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